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Massive Sleepy,Pokedoll, plush offers

I ship from the United Kingdom
I will ship internationally
I only accept Paypal
I will not sell to members banned from pkmncollectors
I might trade for jirachi items but it is unlikely
Please just ask for shipping quotes. Shipping from the UK is NOT cheap so find out the postage before you commit to buy.
Please include your country when asking for a quote
Please do not back out of sales once you've committed to buying!
I am not responsible for packages once I've shipped them.Though for a fee you can get insurance.
All items come from a smoke-free I have a dog and have had cats but they never came in contact with my items
Offers end Sunday the 28th August 2016 9:00pm UK TIME!!!!!! any offers made after this time regretfully will not be taken into account!
Link to timer
If you make an offer on an item and for extreme reasons you have to pull out, speak to me first.( please don't take advantage)
please wait for corresponding comment and reply with your offer.
Granted sales permission on Monday, September 3 2013 byrachelled
on to items:

Eevee 1:1 2009 (no paper tag) Starts $42.50
minccino 1:1 (tag perfect) Starts $57
Eevee 1:1 2013 (tag crase) starts $30

Sleepy Tepig Starts $57
Sleepy oshawott Starts $57

 Sleepy Chespin Starts$30
Sleepy Fennekin Starts $30
Sleeping froakie Starts $30

Custon Vaporeon By PeaceFluffles Starts $70

Tomy minun Starts $15
Tomy plusle Starts $15
latias and latios start $90
2016-02-23 14.26.34.jpg2016-02-23 14.26.49.jpg
Gligar Tomy with tag starts $25
Zorua Tomy Starts $5
2016-02-23 14.24.19.jpg
Large Talking Tomy marill Starts $10
small Marill Starts $7
shaymin sky pokedoll Starts $10
shaymin sky
2016-02-23 14.20.04.jpg
Large perfect condition Pikachu(with tag) Starts $15
Pika pillow Starts $15

2012 Resolute Keldeo Ichiban Kuji Lottery figure Starts $20

Mismagius Pokedoll Starts $80

palkia Plush Starts $21

Tomy Mew (NOT 1:1) Starts $25

audino canvas Starts $21
uxie canvas Starts $21
mespirit canvas Starts $21
dragonite canvas (tag has been pulles off) Starts $21
starly canvas Starts $21
Riachu canvas Starts $21

Japanese (working) pokemon game including 3 figs
i know nothing about this, came with a lot of stuff, its heavy so postage will be pricy!!!
Stars $1

Kuttari Eevee Starts $15
Kuttari Sleeping Eevee Starts $15
Kuttari Riachu Starts $15
Kuttari Sleeping Riachu Starts $15
Kuttari VaporeonStarts $15
Kuttari Sleeping Vaporeon Starts $15
Kuttari Jolteon Starts $15
Kuttari Sleeping Jolteon Starts $15
All have tags!
Ok so thats it wait for corasponding  coments to start then reply.
good luck

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