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Big Clear out offers!!

HEY HEY everyone I'm back again with some items up for offers. I'm sorry its offers its just I'm rubbish at pricing.

All offers will end august 31st 9pm UK Time!! ill put the minimum offer price under each corresponding pic as well as brief decryption.
I ship from the United Kingdom
I will ship internationally
I only accept Paypal
I will not sell to members banned from pkmncollectors
I might trade for jirachi items but it is unlikely
Please just ask for shipping quotes. Shipping from the UK is NOT cheap so find out the postage before you commit to buy.
Please include your country when asking for a quote
Please do not back out of sales once you've committed to buying!
I am not responsible for packages once I've shipped them.Though for a fee you can get insurance.
All items come from a smoke-free I have a cat but she never comes in contact with my items
Offers end August 31st 2015 9:00pm UK TIME!!!!!! any offers made after this time regretfully will not be taken into account!
If you make an offer on an item and for extreme reasons you have to pull out, speak to me first.( please don't take advantage)
please wait for corresponding comment and reply with your offer.
Granted sales permission on Monday, September 3 byrachelled

on to items:
2015-08-25 22.48.16.jpg
Gengar Pokedoll 2007 with tag
perfect condition slight crease to one point on tag (see pic)\
no title

Spiritomb pokedoll with tag
pefect condition tag one small crease (on last pic right side between spikes)
no title

Damamaged Flareon TGF Figure
My dog got hold of it and unforunaly let bite marks (shown in photos) mostly base and end of tail.
start $2
no title

Tomy latos latias plush still atached together with tag
i am extreamly fond of these plushes and the fact they have their tag so very high start offer
Starts $100
no title
Canvas Plush all tags atached
all good condition
audino canvas starts $15
Starly canvas starts $15
uxie canvas Starts $30
Mesprit canvas starts $30
Riachu canvas starts $30
Tags: flareon, gangar, spiritomb
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